So This Is Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and here in Rochester, NY we broke the record high temperature with a beautiful day above 60 degrees. I’ve been complaining quite a bit lately about the lack of snow in our area (I’m aching to get back on my snowboard!) but today’s warm temperatures and sunny skies were really quite pleasant.

I decided to take advantage of this rare December weather by going for a short run – which was all I really had time for with final Christmas preparations today. I ran about a mile and a half through Turning Point Park, which was full of people and families out walking and enjoying the nice day. It was quite nice running in a short sleeve shirt and capri running pants! I even ran into my partner who was out for a bike ride in the park as well.

Yesterday I got a lovely Christmas delivery in the mail – a beautiful compass ornament from the Etsy shop She Likes Letters. The ornament was a giveaway from Dana, the blogger at Blisters and Bug Bites. Check out her blog and subscribe to follow her adventures!

How was the weather on your Christmas Eve – did you get to do anything outside? Any fun holiday plans this year? Please share in the comments below!

Warmest wishes and happy holidays,Alli Signature

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